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Yoga & Meditation

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap & Laravel (Framework)


Wellbeing Scotland, run by Bhakti Yoga Academy. It aims to provide physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through systematic practices, education, courses, and retreats. Bhakti Yoga Academy has started to facilitate the development of a community of people working together to spread much-needed well-being, peace, and compassion by bringing people together to experience the joy, beauty, and happiness which come through the practices of Bhakti Yoga.


One main challenge is creating a user-friendly interface that provides a seamless experience for customers to book events and classes. Optimize the site for mobile devices, and it should handle a large number of concurrent users, which is essential for managing our client’s booking system.
Next, we should implement secure payment processing features that protect customer data and ensure that financial transactions are processed efficiently. With the rise of online payment fraud, security measures such as two-factor authentication and encryption must implement to safeguard customer information. Also, regularly update the website’s design and functionality to incorporate new features and address emerging issues. And monitor the website’s performance and ensure it meets the center’s requirements and customer expectations.


Initially, our development team understands the requirements and goals of the yoga and meditation center to create a site that fits their needs. Then, we worked with our client’s team to design a user-friendly website that provides easy access to all the services.
Our team has integrated an event booking system to allow client to manage their events efficiently. Our designers align website aesthetics with client values ​​and engage users visually. We designed the activities page to highlight the center’s different yoga and meditation classes and workshops. Each activity has its own page, providing users with detailed information about its duration, difficulty level, and benefits. Users can also sign up for classes and workshops directly from the activities page, streamlining the booking process. We have also created a Locations page that lists all center locations with their addresses, detailed images, and a description.
And we create an organizers page that provides users with detailed information about each organizer. Users can learn about the organizer’s qualifications, experience, and teaching style, making it easier to find the right teacher for their needs. The organizers’ page will also include the email and website of that specific organizer to contact or know more about them. We implemented security protocols that ensure the website’s integrity and confidentiality of information. Our team regularly monitors the website for vulnerabilities and updates security measures as required.

Benefits & Results

The user-friendly site developed by W3cert showcases the center’s activities, locations, and organizers can help users understand the center’s services and benefits. And make it easier for them to book classes and workshops. It increases the center’s visibility and helps it reach a wider audience. With an integrated booking and scheduling system, users sign up for classes and workshops easily which reduces the administrative burden on the center’s staff.
The site also provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing the center to optimize its services and improve the user experience. Overall, the site helps our client grow their business, increase their reach, and provide a more seamless experience for their clients.
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