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The Merchant Mart


Retail & Ecommerce

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Laravel & MySQL DB.


The Merchant Mart connects shoppers with a wide variety of sellers. An all-in-one convenient location to enjoy a seamless shopping experience! We make online shopping easy and accessible while providing a platform for small and independent businesses to grow their online presence. We offer competitive prices and fast, reliable shipping.


The client needs a system that handles the increased load and traffic without slowing down or crashing when the number of vendors and products on the platform increases.
Also, they desire perfect product information management that properly demonstrates product availability and price. And have to initiate automated ordering tasks for customers to deliver products of their choice shortly.
The client is seeking a solution to split the order for various goods and allocate them to different shoppers based on location and delivery time.


Once we figured out what our challenges were going to be for the problem statement, we started looking into the client’s site to understand their brand identity, so our team could create something consistent with what they represented.
Our team designs a convenient interface with a clean, modern design and provides intuitive navigation for vendors and customers. Our solution offers flexible vendor management that acquires various tools and options for managing vendors, including the ability to approve or reject vendors, set commission rates, and track vendor performance. Integrated a secured payment gateway to ensure the safety of customer transactions and support multiple payment methods. Implemented robust inventory management to allow sellers to track and manage their stock levels, set prices and offer discounts, and update product information.
The website is built to handle high traffic and transactions and is easily scalable. And it is mobile-optimized to ease customers to purchase products on their mobile devices. Generate detailed analytics and reports that help vendors and store owners to monitor and analyze performance, identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

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