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HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Laravel & MySQL DB.


Step into our world of beauty and relaxation at our Luxurious Beauty Spot. We offer an array of services, from pampering facials to trendy haircuts. We use only the finest products to ensure an effective and indulgent experience. Unwind in our welcoming atmosphere!


The Beauty Spot was facing several challenges with its booking and invoicing system. They use a manual invoicing system that is time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacks the flexibility to meet their changing business needs. The client is finding it hard as it provides inaccurate invoices, delayed payments, and difficulty tracking payments and following up with clients (they’re managing a high volume of clients).
Its invoicing system is not integrated with its appointment scheduling software, which results in the double entry of data, miscommunication between departments, and errors in billing.


Our development team decided to build an online parlor invoicing app that allows customers to book appointments. So, they could save a lot of time from waiting in queues at salons to get their desired salon services.
The client can import leads with the import data file upload option or add new lead option. Our solution enables real-time data tracking to ease monitoring customer billing history and resolve any disputes. The invoicing process was streamlined and reduced the time required to generate invoices. Thus, it serves as an easy-to-use invoicing system for the client. Our team categorized the leads data by inputs which make the workflow effortless. So, the client doesn’t need any third-party invoicing application.
Our team provides several solutions for the client, including:

The Admin can

Benefits & Results

By addressing the invoicing issue, Beauty Spot improves customer satisfaction, reduces errors, and maintains a positive reputation in the market. Our solution also increases the efficiency of Beauty Spot’s operations, allowing the business to focus on providing high-quality services to its customers.
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