W3CERT Technologies

Speedy Grocery

Speedy grocery is an online platform for everyone who loves the taste of Asian food and spices, located in the United States of America.


Speedygrocery was in a need to set up a grocery store with a mobile app. It is expected to be fully customizable, with quick and smooth checkout, multi-currency to allow customers to buy in their preferred currency, and much more options to operate the business smoothly.


Running a specialized product business and seeking a solution that enables the company to effectively serve its consumers is quite difficult. In addition to offering a decent solution in the form of flutter, W3cert also offered a variety of other services, including managing stock, quick and easy checkout, multi-currency, and more.

Benefits & Results

While providing for clients, they have improved the relevance, customization, automation, and ROI of their sales team. As they scaled, the company had tremendous growth over the previous year. If things keep going as they are, they hope to double their company’s size (revenue) within the next three to five years. They have grown more quickly thanks to a prompt response and a strong foundation.
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