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Southern Sarees


Textile Industry

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress & MySQL DB.


Having been in business for over 25 years, we combine modern fashion with our heritage through our designs. We are proud to be India’s most acclaimed cotton saree manufacturer, with an elegance that upholds the fashion root and brings excellence and fame to the new generation. Our primary goal is to satisfy the customer, creating a fully functional outfit for everyday wear through the heritage that has been passed down through 3 generations.


One of the biggest challenges that Southern sarees face is accurately tracking customer orders. It is difficult as the company relies on manual processes or has a fragmented system. Thus, the product orders get lost or delayed, which causes frustration and dissatisfaction among customers.
Also, the company faces some problems in customer handling and complaints as it receives many customer inquiries daily. Additionally, they feel hard to manage the inventory as they have to track stock levels in real time and generate reports.


Our team develops a robust solution and integrates that with their existing Ecommerce platform. It automatically updates the order status in real time and provides customers with a tracking number.

So they can easily track their orders. And tackles the customer handling challenge by developing a solution that helps them store all customer information and interactions in a centralized database. It eases the client better understand their customers and provides personalized service. To improve inventory management, we implemented several solutions that help to track real-time goods movement. Also, automatically generates reports and alerts when the stock levels of a particular product fall below a certain threshold.

We implement several robust security measures such as encryption for sensitive data, secure firewalls, and regular software updates. And our team educated their employees to follow the best practices for data protection.

Benefits & Results

Southern Silk Sarees is pleased to join hands with our development team to deal with issues such as order tracking, customer handling, inventory management, security, and more. Now, they have global customer opportunities and 24-hour income.
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