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Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Laravel & MySQL DB.


Pro Lead Management is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for lead generation, tracking, and conversion. Our innovative platform helps businesses of all sizes to streamline and optimize their sales process, resulting in increased revenue and growth. Our user-friendly interface and powerful features make it easy to manage your leads, track progress, and close deals faster.


Our client is seeking robust software to make their job easier and help them succeed in lead-based activities. Follow-ups regularly are usually tiresome and time-consuming. Also, it is necessary to follow up with potential customers frequently. They need user-based role permission to handle their product and work management. With that, they create users, assign roles to them, and monitor their activities. Also, they couldn’t track their lead progress.
Because of this, there are so many duplicate leads have created. They consume some additional time and memory. There are no options to generate the proper reports or to import leads for further processing.


Our solution enables the sales team to optimize by delivering leads to the right salespeople at the right time. We have provided a centralized database (dashboard) to store and organize all the data statistics for easy navigation. We configure emails with proper SMTP to deliver messages properly and handle bulk mailing.
There are no limits in creating users and assigning roles, as the requirements are always dynamic. Also, order management helps the team handle both pending and completed leads. With our solution, the backend users may import leads using the ‘import data file upload’ option or ‘add a new lead’ option. To make things easier, our team provides the option to categorize all of the leads’ data. It figures out all the duplicate leads and shows them separately to save time and memory. Our solution serves an easy-to-use invoicing system that handles its job outstandingly. So, there is no need for any third-party invoicing application. Now, the team can generate leads reports for further processing. The access and usage of data and applications vary based on the user’s roles.
Our team of SEO experts set up suitable and keyword-optimized meta titles and descriptions for each post, page, and category. Also, provided SEO-Optimized and user-friendly (evergreen) URLs throughout the site.

The Admin can

Several accesses are also provided for Telecaller, Receptionists, Interviewers, and Placements.

Benefits & Results

The site developed by W3cert serves as a central hub for lead management and tracking, providing a streamlined process for managing and nurturing leads from initial contact to conversion. It increases sales and revenue for the Pro Lead Management and improved efficiency and productivity in managing the sales pipeline.
Additionally, this professionally designed site enhances the company’s brand image and reputation, positioning it as a credible and reliable provider of lead management solutions in a highly competitive market.
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