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Trucking Industry

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Laravel & MySQL DB.


Load Lifter is a full-service trucking company providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions. With a fleet of well-maintained trucks, we handle shipments of all sizes with a focus on timely delivery and customer satisfaction. We support your transportation needs with our experienced drivers and exceptional service.


The main challenge faced by the Load Lifter company is the complex and time-consuming booking process. It takes multiple steps, such as finding available trucks, determining the price, and securing the shipment. It also involves coordination with several stakeholders (shippers, drivers & dispatch teams) and makes it hard to handle the bookings efficiently and effectively.
Another challenge for our client is inaccurate data management, which leads to incorrect billing, miscommunication, and delays. The client needs to keep track of the estimated delivery times, weight, size, and type of cargo, pickup, and delivery addresses, which is a daunting task without a proper booking system.
Overall, the client seeks ways to improve customer service and satisfaction, reduce distribution and transportation costs, and eliminate factors that cause inefficiency.


We developed a system that helps Load Lifter streamline its booking process, making it easier and quicker to handle bookings. With its automated systems, they can get real-time updates on truck availability, estimated delivery times, and cost. Also, it reduces the chances of miscommunication.
Our team has implemented a centralized database to store all the necessary information to address the issues that leads to inaccurate data management. It also helps them to keep track of the entire shipment process, from pickup to delivery, in real-time, improving their ability to respond to any changes or issues that may arise. Thus, with this, they can view the whole statistics of data in the dashboard without navigating to each section.
We tested this solution on real devices as we provide only reliable and unique solutions for our clients to gain their trust. Developed the solution with highly secured coding to protect from several web vulnerabilities. The client can export the reports anytime for their further usage. Built with Google fonts and provided clean Typography to serve an attractive look throughout the end. They can access it from anywhere at any time.

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