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Retail Industry (Industrial Equipments)

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Laravel & MySQL DB.


IndustriHive manufactures and distributes industrial equipment. The company had a traditional sales process, relying on spreadsheets and emails to manage customer information and track sales. The sales team was spending a significant amount of time on administrative tasks and had difficulty identifying and prioritizing the most promising sales opportunities.


The main challenge for IndustriHive was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process.
As the company grew, it became increasingly difficult for the sales team to keep track of leads, opportunities, and customer interactions. The sales team needed a way to easily access and update customer information, track sales progress, and prioritize leads and opportunities. Also, they are unable to handle the calls, and meeting lists which results in poor project management.
And they need further requirements including the client portal set up for easy handling, reporting side issues, notifications, roles, and access permissions, and some management facilities.


Our team implemented a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system on IndustriHive to streamline and automate its sales process. To handle the task management, we used Gantt Chart to help them efficiently allocate resources and plan work around deadlines.
We created a centralized database for storing and managing customer information, including contact details, purchase history, and communication logs. Provided personal and group chat systems, the client portal for each customer, and a customer support ticketing system are provided to handle client management. Customer report generation helps them to export sales, expense, customer, and lead conversion reports and data analytics (CSV, pdf, excel).
They can create roles and assign permissions based on their responsibilities. Activity logs, real-time push notifications, knowledge base, multi-color themes, multicurrency option, credit notes, vendors, proposals, quote, and some more features are integrated with IndustriHive. The sales team could now easily access customer information and track sales progress, which helped them identify and prioritize the most promising sales opportunities.
10 diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, and CoinGate are incorporated for customers’ ease.

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Benefits & Results

The CRM implementation had a significant impact on the sales team’s performance. The sales team was able to close more deals and increase their productivity by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. The sales team also had better visibility into the sales pipeline, which helped them identify and address any bottlenecks in the process. As a result, IndustriHive saw an increase in sales revenue and customer satisfaction.
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