W3CERT Technologies

Flutter Developer

(Laravel/PHP, MySql, Flutter, VueJS)
We are looking for a full-stack developer who is passionate and independent, with proven experience in Flutter App development applications using React Native, PHP Laravel, and flutter/vue stack. Candidate must be passionate about programming and debugging skills in flutter and firebase.

Roles and Responsibilities

Required Skills and Qualifications


Experience: 0 to 2 years
Prior experience in PHP Laravel, Flutter / Vue stack is a must.
Front-end: Flutter( mobile and web) / VueJS (with Cordova for mobile) / Quasar (VueJS based)
Back-end: PHP-Laravel
Job Location: Coimbatore (work from office)

How to Apply?

If you’re interested in the role, send your resume to this email address ([email protected])
If you know someone talented who might be a good fit, refer them to us.
For any queries you have, email us at [email protected]
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