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Electronics Industry

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap & Laravel (Framework)


Credenze is a thriving IT solutions provider with over 10 years of experience. Credenze has been dealing with GPS tracking solutions for 2 years now with a wide range customer base from schools to factories. Credenze also specialize in company security, fire alarms, intrusion alarms, and CCTV cameras with HD and IP solutions.


Our client had several challenges in managing the work process and other financial aspects of on-field staff. The staff often work independently, and it can be difficult for the company to stay informed about their progress and provide the necessary support. It leads to miscommunication, missed deadlines, and mistakes, which can impact the quality of work. So, the client wants to establish clear lines of communication, provide regular updates, and help on-field employees stay connected and informed.
Hence, they need a suitable solution to analyze the work progress of their staff, and it helps them generate reports and assign tasks to carry out proper workflows. So, there comes W3cert to fulfill Credence’s needs.


Our team developed a suitable ERP portal for Credenze that centralizes and automates the project and staff management process. It helps them to create project schedules, track progress, manage budgets, and allocate resources. It will give the company a clear view of the status of each project and ensure that deadlines are met.
Also, the ERP portal improves communication between the company’s project managers, on-field staff, and clients. It helps to send notifications and updates and facilitates real-time collaboration between all members involved in a project. With our solution, the client can resolve all issues quickly as they are on the same page. It also streamlines the company’s data management processes. Also, used to store and manage all of the company’s data, including project information, customer data, and inventory. It will ensure that the company has access to all the information and that the data is always up-to-date.
Our ERP solution can also automate the company’s reporting processes, reducing the time and effort required to generate reports.

Benefits & Results

With our ERP solution, Credenze increases its overall efficiency in managing projects and on-field staff. It automates many manual processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage projects, monitor staff activities, and report processes, reducing the required time and effort to generate reports. It will free up resources to focus on other tasks, improving the overall productivity of the company.
Also, it can store and manage all of the company’s data in one centralized location, improving the accuracy and accessibility of the company’s information.
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