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Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap & Laravel (Framework)


Cow Care Scotland is an arm of ISKCON Scotland, a community and charity dedicated to caring for people and the planet. The community has started to set up Cow Protection within these community grounds by introducing Scotland Highland Oxen and, eventually, Cows and Calves to introduce the community to concepts of Cow Care. Cow Care Scotland is the first project of its kind to establish the infrastructure and foundation for Cow Protection in Scotland.


The main challenge is to develop a robust system for accepting donations and managing fundraising campaigns. Therefore, we need to create a domain platform that is easy to use, secure, and meets the client’s specific needs.
The site must also provide clear and concise information about the charity’s mission, objectives, and how donations will use. The site should allow users to share information, news, and stories about cow protection. We have to develop a user-friendly interface that promotes engagement and encourages users to participate actively in several fundraising campaigns and events. The site will also be accessible and inclusive to all users, regardless of their technical expertise or disabilities.


Our development team provides a comprehensive solution for a seamless and hassle-free experience for the Cow Care Scotland site. One of the key features we have implemented is recurring payment integration. It allows the client’s members to subscribe to the site and make recurring payments at fixed intervals. It’s a great way to simplify the payment process for the members and ensure a steady stream of revenue for your charity.
In addition, we have also implemented member subscription features to help the client to manage their community and charity website more efficiently. This feature allows the client to create several membership tiers with various privileges and benefits. It’s a great way to incentivize members to upgrade their membership level and support the charity even more. The member subscription feature allows them to manage member profiles and track their payment histories, making it easy to stay on top of your community’s needs. For further enhancement, we have implemented a donation management system. It enables the members and visitors to make donations to the charity or sponsor a specific cow’s care. We also integrated the Stripe payment gateway to ensure safe and secure transactions.
Finally, our development team also integrated social media features into the site. Social media integration will allow the client to reach a wider audience and raise awareness for the charity. It’s a great way to engage with its community and build stronger relationships with its members. These features enhance the site’s functionality and help them to manage the charity more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits & Results

Firstly, the recurring payments and member subscription integrations simplify the payment process for members, ensuring a steady stream of revenue for the client. Then, integrating donation and payment gateway features into the site enhances the convenience and security of making transactions, leading to increased participation from members and donors.
It, in turn, enables the charity to raise more funds and expand its reach to care for more cows. With these solutions, the charity can better manage its resources, engage with its members, and achieve its mission of providing better care and protection for cows.
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