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Exploration & Mining Industries

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP, Laravel & MySQL DB.


Established in 2011, AXIOM GROUP is a complete consulting firm providing a diverse set of technical services within, and integrated across, each of our four main divisions:


The Client wanted a web application that would help them to reduce the extra resources spent on their exploration projects for mining industries.
In the exploration process, there are many more chances for human errors. Manually collecting and analyzing data from different departments can be time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors.
Also, they want to measure the performance of departments and their staff at the end of the project.


Initially, we decided to build a suitable online solution that will help the client by providing role-wise permission & access for their multiple department staff.
Then, we focussed on developing the site into a user-friendly and easily navigable one. We have adopted a responsive design that helps us to optimize the site’s appearance and functionality across different devices and screen sizes. Also, we incorporated intuitive navigation and search functionalities to ease the customers to mark the accurate project location, latitude, and longitude where the exploration process to measure and report.
And leveraged data analytics tools to monitor user behavior and optimized the site’s performance. Our team optimized the site for search engines. It involves implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that enhance the site’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ve also conducted keyword research, optimized meta descriptions and tags, and built high-quality backlinks to the site. By doing this, we drove more traffic to the site and increase its reach and impact.

The Workflow

The Admin can

Benefits & Results

With complete access, the admin can assign permissions to the team members based on their roles. It helps the team handle multi-tasks without hassle. And, it also improves team management. Thus, they easily analyze the performance of their team members. Our ERP solution provides real-time reports that help both the client and the company know the working process and availability of the on-field workers to make further alternations to finish the project without any delay.
So much of errors have happened when the measuring reports and other related processes are taken manually. It could also lead to a huge loss. Now, with our ERP, they handle their projects seamlessly from the project creation to the delivery of the project.
Easy to integrate with existing ERP Solutions. Helps to reduce expenses spent while working manually – Cost and Time Management.
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